I live life on 2 wheels, my passion for riding and adventures is very large and full of dreams. While I am no professional writer or for that mater a professional blogger. I would like to share my passion with others to enjoy and work on my future writing skills. My motto, “Life is Short..Enjoy The RYDE !!!” I started riding motorcycles in middle school, my first bike was an Honda XR80 and I was hooked the minute I rode it. Since then I have ridden just about all kinds of on and off road motorcycles. From sport bikes to dirt bikes, cruisers to Harleys, If it has 2 wheels and a motor I am interested. I also enjoy maintaining and working on my bikes as well as others, my career has taken me from working on airplanes in the Navy to a long career as a automotive mechanic and now working as a service consultant for motorcycles. Which is fun and keeps working on motorcycles a hobby to enjoy. Currently I own a 2016 FLHXS Street Glide Special and used to have a 2003 FLHRCI Road King that my brother now owns. A 1995 FXDS Dyna that I rebuilt myself and a Suzuki DR350, another bike I will own forever and has taken me on many adventures. I enjoy both on road and trail adventures a lot and have been on a few but are planning many more. Let’s just say my bucket list is very large. So sit back and enjoy, check in from time to time while I slowly build on a site to share my adventures, other peoples adventures, adventures I would like to go on, tips and gear information, pictures of the wonderful life on 2 wheels and there beauty and anything else I find along the way.

Get out and RYDE !!!


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