Your rydes and stories

So this will be short, just what the title says. If you got a story please share it.

I would like to start putting more info out there, I want to hear your stories. That is right, your adventures big and small. Where you have ridden, adventures you have been on, events you attended, products you recommend or do not recommend, your current and past rides, pictures and everything else. I plan to write your stories on my blog, share them with others and am looking for places to go when I travel North America in 5 years. The more you share the more places I will have on my list. I want to hear from the small town rider, the guy or gal who gets out there and lives the life.

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ADV moto magazine 

Probably one of the best and most favorite magazines on the market. Each issue comes packed with great articles and stories to read covering the most extreme adventure bikes to the old thumper’s. Well worth looking into and picking up a copy. A true adventure magazine that is committed to adventure riders. I hope to have them cover my future adventure plans.

A link to there Web page