Desert Dash Day 2

After a wonderful and fun filled first day of the dash we awaken to take on day 2. Sunday was a little windy in the am but not to bad. I knew what we where about to get into, probably the hardest part of the dash and the part that kicked my butt two years ago. But I was ready this year. We all headed out down to the first trail head, as we cruised along through the trail all I could think about was what lied ahead. The squeeze, pinion and heartache hill. As we rolled up on the squeeze I watched as Andy spent a little to much time thinking and he fell to the right up against the rock, ouch he was ok though. So lesson, just go for it. Pick a spot or line and go. I managed to go through with no problems but this was not the section I was worried about.


The section I was about to tackle next pinion is one that wore me out in the past. I watched as Ben made it look so easy, my years of practice and riding had payed off as I went over and up each obstacle with ease. My joy could he heard, it was as if I had just conquered Mt. Everest. One more challenge lie ahead, heartache hill. As we rolled up on it there was a flock of riders all watching or helping in some sort of way and some just wondering how they where going to do this. I took a quick glance and well, here is where the lesson paid off, just went for it down the hill I went with style and ease. Now my confidence level just went to an all time high.



Andy and Matt however did not fair to well, they took a spill on the way down. But all was ok we moved on to what was left of Fairchild and into fish creek. Along the way Andy tagged a rock with his left foot. His boots did the job but his foot still swelled up and the pain was beginning to be to much for him.
So we headed off to the next trail head where Andy decided to head back to camp via slab. I had just purchased a GPS before this ride and was still familiarizing myself with it, being the only one left in the group with a GPS I volunteered to lead the group on the rest of the trip. We had almost made it to the lunch stop when Matt noticed his backpack was missing, which had his wallet and keys in it. Now it was time to make alternate plans and backtrack looking and asking every rider along the way. With no luck we came up empty handed and stopped at the Iron door for lunch and a cold one, had a few laughs and good spirits. From here we slabed the remainder of the trip back to camp and ended our weekend with some laughs and 340 miles of memories.


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