Dual sporting on the cheap: 1999 Suzuki DR350SE Adventure Sport Project | Bikes | Review

You can go out and get the best of the best, but the best sometimes is simple and cheap. Personally I love all bikes, but cost sometimes does not always beat reliability or budget for that mater. The Suzuki DR350 has always been there, to take on just about everything thrown at it and at a pretty good cost also. Yes they are no longer made, but you can still find them. There is a lot you can do to outfit this bike to take you from the back roads to the single track, all the way to the long haul. The six speed transmission lets the bike pur down the highway and its low gearing lets it climb just about any hill. A fun little light bike at an inexpensive cost. Check out the article below. suzuki-dr-350-se-1999-2

A look back at Gino Pokluda’s light-weight “Adventure Sport” Suzuki DR350SE project bike, with tips to make your smaller bike comfortable for long distances.

Source: Backtrack Tuesdays: 1999 Suzuki DR350SE Adventure Sport Project | Bikes | Reviews


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